Sublimation printing is the advanced printing technology that has already achieved popularity especially in the garment industry. It is now considered as a common way to print images and designs on the garments especially T-shirts. If you have ever operated this machine you may concur with the fact that sublimation ink is the major cost in running the sublimation printer. In order to save some of your bucks you can reduce the quantity of sublimation ink used during the process, so here are 5 tips that will help you in your mission to save some moolah.

Tip #1 – Never Compromise on the Maintenance of Your printer

If you want to save over a long term period then you have to bear some short term expenses of periodically servicing your sublimation printing machines. This will ensure that your industrial printing machine perform optimally and consumes only the necessary amount of sublimation ink during the sublimation printing process.

Tip # 2 – Don’t Turn off Your Printer

After you have printed the first batch and are looking to print the second batch of images on the t-shirts or on any other item then do not turn off the printer as it will only contribute in the wasting of the ink after it is turned on again. However, if you are halting the production for long hours during the day then of course you should turn it off.

Tip # 3 – If the Quality Does Not Matter Then Use Cheap Ink

The sublimation ink that is normally used in the printing machines is of superior quality and is also expensive. So. if the client is asking for a cheap service of printing and the quality doesn’t matter to them then no need to use expensive ink. It would be better that you switch to the ink of lower brand and save the good quality ink for the clients for whom quality is important.

Tip # 4 – Invest in a Good Quality Heat Resistant Transfer Paper

A poor quality heat resistant transfer paper will absorb a large amount of sublimation ink. So one way to save sublimation ink during the printing process is to upgrade from a bad quality transfer paper to a premium one so that only the necessary amount of ink is absorbed into the paper.

Tip # 5 – Check the Driver Setting and Software of Your Printer

Although most of the drivers and software of the sublimation printing machines come with optimal settings that is used to produce good quality images or design using only the optimal amount of ink. However, this setting can be changed to the ink-saving mode so that less amount of ink is used. Do try it out and if you are satisfied with the quality produced then, hey presto, you’ve just accomplished your mission of saving ink while printing images of superior quality.