Dye sublimation is a simple way to create printed t-shirts, promotional banners, flags, customized coffee mugs and similar items.

But, if you are new the sublimation process, you can make mistakes that can ruin your final products.

Want to perfect the science of dye sublimation? Here are some crucial mistakes you must avoid:

Not using polyester fabric

During dye sublimation, heat and pressure convert the sublimation ink into a gaseous state. Many materials, such as cotton or wool will not hold the ink during the heating process.

Polyester, however, provides the best sublimation transfer onto fabrics. Meanwhile, hard items, such as mugs, coasters, etc., will require polyester coating before they can be sublimated.

Incorrect heat press temperature

Without sufficient heating, it is impossible to produce successful transfers onto substrates. The heating temperature will vary from one substrate to another. However, most substrates require nearly 400 degrees F.

Using poor images

The quality of images has a significant impact on prints. Use high resolution images to end up with vibrant and accurate final results.

Picture4Irregular use of printer

This is another vital mistake people make without even realizing it. Regular use of printer can prevent print problems like clogging. As a rule, use your printer at least twice every week.

Not using good quality sublimation paper

Dye sublimation requires a special transfer paper. It is not like normal print paper.

The sublimation paper allows the transfer of the sublimation ink onto a substrate.

Most sublimation papers have coating on one side. However, some sublimation papers are coated on both sides. Generally speaking, the coated side TOUCH YOUR HANDS A LITTLE BIT STICKY than the other side of the paper.

Use good quality sublimation paper to create a beautiful product. A good sublimation paper has a high transfer rate, fast drying speed, and produces vibrant colors.

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