Changing dye sublimation ink can be a messy business. However, it doesn’t have to be. If you handle the ink cartridges the correct way, then you won’t have to worry about getting the ink on your fingers or on any part of your clothing. Read on to find out some things you should take into consideration when changing the ink in your dye sublimation printer.

  1. Handle the Ink Holder From the Sides

 To prevent as much ink from getting on your hands as possible, you will want to grab the empty ink carrier from its sides before pulling it out of the printer. Whatever you do, do not touch the colors on the container as those contain the ink that you are trying to avoid getting on you. By grasping the container from the sides, you avoid coming in contact with any chemicals or ink.

If you happen to drop the container and you can’t pick it up from the sides, pick it up by pinching the corner with one hand before using your other hand to grasp the sides. You might not be able to avoid getting ink on your hands or on the floor, especially if the container is flipped upside down, but by pinching the corner of the container, you are preventing as much as ink as possible from getting on you.

  1. Putting the Ink Inside

First of all, hopefully you have made sure that the type of dye sublimation ink you have is the type that is compatible with your printer. If so, then place the cleaned container back into the area where you just removed it from. To make sure the container is in correctly, try printing something once you pour the new ink inside of it. If the printer is printing the colors correctly, then you’ve correctly changed the ink.

  1. Run an Alignment

Doing an alignment check on your printer after replacing the ink is vital in continuing to ensure the highest quality prints from your dye sublimation printer. In order to run the alignment check, follow the directions on your computer for doing an alignment check. If you follow the directions carefully and correctly, then the printer will do the rest. Print a couple of images that won’t use up too much ink in order to check your alignment.

Dye sublimation ink might not be the cleanest type of ink to deal with, but then again, all inks are pretty messy. Knowing how to handle the ink and the container correctly will help prevent a big spill or mess from occurring. Replacing the ink correctly now helps save you the headache of having to take it out and put it back in again later. Finally, running an alignment check assures you that your printer will continue producing good prints that are in alignment and aren’t off-center. If you know all of this, then you should be changing the dye sublimation ink in your printer with no problem at all.