A sublimation printer is just like any other technical equipment, and you must take care of it to ensure high efficiency and reduce high repair costs. Running and maintaining a sublimation printer can be challenging if you ignore the importance of regular equipment inspection and maintenance.

The sublimation printing technique is a cost-effective and more efficient alternative to traditional printing practices. Therefore, the demand for sub printers has risen quite dramatically during the last decade. There are now several types of sub printers available in various shapes and sizes, with integrative software systems and adaptive tech tools.

Read on to learn how you can maintain your valuable sublimation printers to avail their maximum benefits and high-resolution, unhinged print results.

1. Understand How Your Sublimation Printer Works

 It’s imperative to know how it works and what factors make it tick to take care of your sublimation printer. Most sublimation printers, like the Epson inkjet models, use the cold technology to imprint designs on the substrate.

Moreover, the two, most common methods of delivering ink is either by using cartridges or an external bulk IDS (Ink Delivery System).

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Regardless of the method used by your sublimation printer, regularly inspect its dye delivery, nozzles, and head speed. Keep an eye on common hardware problems like clogs, streaks, paper curls, and banding to ensure timely repairs.

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2. Update the Firmware Whenever Required

Consider this tip as a vaccine for your sublimation printer. Modern digital sublimation printers come with default firmware and user-navigation interface that might require frequent updates. This helps you prevent software errors and maintain the consistency and quality of your printer’s output.

3. Don’t Skip Yearly Cleaning

Grime and dust accumulation are undoubtedly your sublimation printer’s worst enemies. An unclean printer is at a higher risk of producing unclear, blurry, and blotchy imprints due to common hardware issues like ineffective ink delivery or jerky belt function.

Regularly cleaning the printer allows smooth ink flow and keeps nozzle clogs at bay! You may use a low-speed vacuum to clear the dust off the printer head, nozzle, and the conveyor belts followed by the capping station’s deep cleaning to remove ink residue.

In addition, don’t let your printer sit idle for more than three months. You must run your printer at least once a week to prevent it from losing its prime.

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