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Sublimation Printing in Garment Industry


Garment industry has evolved a lot over time from printing simple colorful images to printing customizable images. Almost every T-shirt that has a design on it or an image on must’ve been through some printing machine. Among many other printing machines sublimation printing machines are widely used […]

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Sublimation Printing: A Booming Market on a Global Scenario for Years to Come


  According to the statement made by Smithers Pira, a global authority on Packaging and Printing supplies, the sublimation print market was expected to double in size as of February 2016. Taking into account major end-user segments such as household branding, garments, signage and technical products, the […]

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Sublimation Printing: A Walk down The Memory Lane with Facts and Figures


The global market for sublimation printing is reaching new heights with leaps and bounds as we move from one year to another, progressing with every technological advancement. Let’s take a look at this remarkable industry and how things started off in the first place. Time before Origins […]

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More than Just Paper: 4 Materials that Work with Sublimation Printing

Sublimation ink

The sublimation process The dye-sublimation printer is something that will help print a type of dye on all kinds of materials. A sublimation printer can print on all kinds of material, including fabrics and plastics. Using a heating method that goes on within the printer itself, the […]

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What Fabrics Are Used in the Dye Sublimation Printing Process, And Why It Is Superior Than Any Other


That new-fangled sublimation printer The dye-sublimation printer is a type of printer that uses the sublimation process to print ink on materials. It is also a type of printer that can be easily purchased at just about any major electronics retailer. A sublimation printer can print on […]

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An Overview about Sublimation Printing Machines


Sublimation printing has been around for many years, but it wasn’t until it became more economical and practical that it had a boost in popularity! This printing technique could be a great benefit to you and your business, by providing a new expanse of opportunities for what […]

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