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Sublimation Paper: Things to Know and its Uses


We see a lot of digital imagery nowadays popping up everywhere thanks to the rapid advances in technology and gradual diversification of industries like digital printing and apparel. Dye-sublimation printers are on the rise, offering various uses and being utilized in many markets. Here are some important […]

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Dye Sublimation Printing Paper and Ink – UV Resistance and Environmental Impact

tissue paper

Sublimation dye and you! There are all kinds of services and businesses out there that will give someone their potentially great shirt that the clients themselves created. However, there are several methods lying around the average home that can help make that ideal shirt or any piece […]

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An Overview about Sublimation Printing Machines


Sublimation printing has been around for many years, but it wasn’t until it became more economical and practical that it had a boost in popularity! This printing technique could be a great benefit to you and your business, by providing a new expanse of opportunities for what […]

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Sublimation Transfer Paper & Printing: For Awesome Prints & Shades

sublimation paper

Every day, there seems to be a thousand new ways to make something. The changes and advancements in technology are nearly constant and have been applied to multiple fields outside of their initial conception. In the printing industry, the process of dye sublimation printing has becoming one […]

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Get the Most Out of High Speed Printing with the Right Paper

sublimation paper

When you order products that require an extensive transfer process, you want to make sure you get the most vibrant colors. The transferring process can’t be done with just any ink, paper, or printing. These three components need to coincide with one another to create the perfect […]

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3 Amazing Things You Can Make With Dye Sublimation Paper

sublimation paper

Dye sublimation paper is known for its ability to create amazing prints with a special type of ink called dye sublimation ink. People have used dye sublimation printers for years in order to create different types of amazing designs and projects. Read on to find out about […]

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What is Sublimation Paper?

printable heat transfer vinyl

If you are interested in joining the world of custom printing, you need to learn what products it takes and what the process itself is. One of the most important products you need is sublimation paper. Below you will learn a little more about that this paper […]

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Sublimation Paper

PRINTING & STORAGE GUIDANCES Printing :Unpack the wrapping vinyl one day prior to printing in the printing room to acclimatize. Image side could be wounded by the outside of the roll. So, make adequate size of image for the paper width. The printed paper should be sufficiently dry before the […]

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