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Dye Sublimation Paper 101: The Basics of the Transfer Paper

Basics of the Transfer Paper

Getting to know the world of dye sublimation printing is an interesting educational journey, and truly worthwhile for any printing business. Here at, the team of JD Digital Technology, makes sure that we can provide you with all the required information that you need to know […]

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Why You Should Prefer Dye Sublimation Printing Technology – [ Infographic ]

Check out the infographic on “Why You Should Prefer Dye Sublimation Printing Technology”. Looking for dye sublimation ink & sublimation paper? Visit our website today at

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The Beginner’s Guide to Product Packaging

Guide to Product Packaging

In today’s competitive market, how you pack your products has a make or break effect on your business. Packaging is a crucial component that can give your brand an over its competitors Even though some businesses do not realize this, many customers identify with the way products are […]

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Why Polyester is The Perfect Fabric Choice For Dye Sublimation Printing How to Overcome Them

polyester background

Dye sublimation is an advanced printing method that involves transferring text or graphic images onto items, including fabrics, mugs, tiles, plaques, coasters, signs and more. When it comes to picking a fabric for dye sublimation printing, polyester is the best choice. No other fabric, including cotton, silk […]

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Looking for Printing Inks? Know Your Options!

printing inks

Printing inks have improved significantly in the past years. No longer do people rely only on dye-based inks for their printing needs. Sublimation and pigment inks are also used in inkjet printers for producing stunning prints. Here are the main differences between dye ink, pigment ink and […]

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Transfer Solutions for Sublimation and Heat Transfer Printing [ Video ]

Transfer Solutions for Sublimation and Heat Transfer Printing [ Video ]

Looking for good quality sublimation transfer paper? We offer superior quality sublimation transfer papers for multiple types of printing. Our products provide high quality quality image sharpness, reduced wrinkling and high release. With a comprehensive portfolio of transfer solutions for sublimation and heat transfer printing, we can […]

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Problems Pertaining to Sublimation – [ Infographic ]

Check out the infographic on “Problems Pertaining to Sublimation”. To learn more about sublimation paper and ink, visit the site at

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Using Dye Sublimation Ink In A Epson Large Format Printer

dye sublimation ink

Dye sublimation is a popular method for producing printed products. These include both hard and soft items, including polyester fabric, t-shirts, mugs, coasters, signs, cushions, pillowcases and more. Digital printers use dye sublimation due to its high quality results. Printed images are colorful, long lasting and scratch-resistant. […]

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