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Looking for Printing Inks? Know Your Options!

printing inks

Printing inks have improved significantly in the past years. No longer do people rely only on dye-based inks for their printing needs. Sublimation and pigment inks are also used in inkjet printers for producing stunning prints. Here are the main differences between dye ink, pigment ink and […]

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How To Reduce The Digital Printing Waste Ink

Digital printing has become a revolutionary technique for the printing industry in recent years. The market has seen an increase in demand, and digital printing techniques are sometimes the only viable solution to meet this demand. Ink waste has been a major problem in the industry. Not […]

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Digital Printing Brings A Huge Turn For European And American Printing And Dyeing Industry

Global markets are now experiencing a new age of digital printing. It is nowhere more visible than in Europe and America. In 2013, the volume of textile printing alone grew to around 27 billion yards per year. Out of this, 250 million yards were digitally printed. This has increased […]

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