The sportswear market is estimated to reach $248.1 billion by 2026. The demand for the online sportswear retail market has grown significantly over the past few years. Consumers have developed a sense of loyalty to brands. Therefore, sportswear companies strive to maintain consistency and quality to gain maximum market share.

The dye sublimation method is one of the most popular printing methods used by leading brands to produce high-quality personalized sportswear items.  

About the Client

Segundo is a proud business owner of a sportswear factory in Peru. He runs a successful business and provides top-quality dye sublimation printing services to top sportswear brands across the country. He manages a state-of-the-art facility to deliver efficient and high-quality services to clients at competitive rates.


Segundo started receiving complaints from the quality control department regarding the quality of final products. It was also revealed that wastage was significantly increased, affecting the bottom line of his business. Upon investigation, it was revealed that the poor finish and increasing wastage resulted from poor-quality dye sublimation supplies.  

The vendor changed the quality of their supplies. The inferior quality dye sublimation presented a host of problems. It didn’t provide ink compatibility and contained impurity spots, which significantly affected the print quality. Moreover, the batches included wrinkled papers that caused damage to the print head.

Furthermore, the new sublimation ink delivered by the vendor was low-quality. The large size of the sublimation dye particle blocked the printing head, disrupting operations. Moreover, the impure color made it impossible to print vivid colors. The business suffered a significant financial loss due to these problems.  

Segundo approached us to improve his dye sublimation printing process to complete his pending orders successfully and meet his contractual obligations.


During the initial phase of the project, we worked closely with our clients to understand the operational problems pertinent to the printing process. We found Segundo’s team to be very friendly and approachable. They answered our questions and helped us understand the major issues that caused production loss.

The production head told us about the change in dye sublimation papers and ink quality, which caused many problems in the printing process. The quality of dye sublimation printing supplies plays a crucial role in the print quality’s final result. Therefore, we supplied our high sticky dye sublimation paper and ink to the client.

The client recently purchased Epson printers, which were slightly damaged due to inferior quality dye sublimation products used in the past. The business was already facing losses and didn’t have enough room in the budget to buy new printers. We recommended the client replace printing heads before using our products.

We decided to opt for a full sticky sublimation paper variant due to their anti-ghosting feature. These papers are designed to prevent loss of detail due to textile shrinkage or movements in the transfer process. Therefore, we found them to be the perfect solution for sportswear printing requirements.

Moreover, we supplied premium-quality dye sublimation ink that comes with a high transfer rate. Our ink is compatible with different printer brands, including Epson, MIMAKI, Roland, and Mutoh printers. Furthermore, our ink particles’ size is very small, ideal for prolonging the new printing heads’ useful life.

Our professionals concluded that the client has highly trained staff, and switching to high-quality dye sublimation supplies will solve their problem. Fortunately, the results were highly positive. Segundo was able to overcome the printing issues and fulfill large sportswear printing orders with less than 1% production wastage in a short timeline.


Our high-quality dye sublimation ink and paper supplies helped Segundo to bring his business back on track. Our choice of high sticky dye sublimation paper resulted in fast drying time and reduced wastage, allowing the client to meet production deadlines. Our high transfer rate ink also allowed him to improve the operational efficiency of his printing process.

Segundoalso negotiated a deal with his previous clients and sent them samples, which got approved, and the client gave him more orders. He placed a bulk order of our finest quality dye sublimation ink and papers that helped him secure our premium-grade printing supplies at excellent prices.


JD Sublimation allowed my sportswear factory to remain afloat. They have a team of friendly and knowledgeable staff who identified our printing issues and provided the perfect solution to solve our problems. I cannot thank him enough!” Segundo.

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